5 Ways to Find Your “Why” When It Comes to Working Out

Things come in waves. The ocean, hunger pains, our motivation- it’s life! And one way to ensure that we keep ourselves on track and stay motivated is to have a clear idea of why we are doing something.

But how do we always know? Are we doing this thing because it’s what we want or because it’s what everyone else is doing? Or maybe just because we have always done it or a family member did it.

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The reasoning behind our actions, or our why, can sometimes be a gray area. It’s in this gray area that we lose our motivation and start to flounder. Where we are no longer driven but rather just going through the motions. Oftentimes we don’t even realize it.

So how do we stay focused? We focus on our why. Sounds simple enough. Focus on our reason for doing. But how do we figure out what that reason is? I’m here for you. I sat down and put on my thinking hat to come up with my top 5 ways to find your why when it comes to working out! Grab a pen and paper (you remember those things, right?) and come with me!

1. Ask yourself what you like about working out

What is your favorite part? The friendly people you workout with? (Or maybe that cutie that you just so happen to always find yourself beside of in class?) The great music? What it is that you enjoy most about working out?

2. Consider how you feel when you don’t workout verses when you do

When we have been doing something for a while (and when we’re just starting something new) we can either get into auto-pilot going through the motions or be so busy we don’t consider the beneficial changes that have happened. Make sure you take inventory of what’s different. Do you have more energy? More mental clarity? Feel less inclined to stress? Think about your state of being as it relates to the amount of physical fitness you are doing.

3. What is your favorite part of working out?

Is it those happy post-workout feelings from the endorphins? The way your body is starting to look? The post workout smoothie with friends? Jot down a pros list for working out!

4. Ask yourself what your goals are

Why are actually working out? Is it because you want to ensure a healthy cardiovascular system? To get stronger? To save money on laundry by growing washboard abs and using them instead? It’s a fact- having a goal gives us something to strive for and therefore helps keep us motivated. Pause for a second and ask yourself what it is that you want. (Life Hack: This also applies to your life in general.)

Source: Berlin Throwdown

5. What are the added bonuses that come along with working out?

Okay so by now you have you main reasons for working out. But what are some of the awesome side-effects? Clearer skin from taking better care of it thanks to all the sweat? A more organized schedule because you have to adhere to a routine? Increased water intake because when you workout your body is constantly reminding you,
“Hello- hydrate please!”  Consider the oh-so-good perks you may not even be realizing are happening thanks to working out.

Voila! My top 5 tips for finding your why when it comes to working out! Finding motivation can be tough for people who have been working out for several years (so. tired. of. fitness.) and those who are just starting (What is happening?! Everything hurts!). It’s normal in both regards- and you are human so don’t feel bad about it either way. But if you’re looking to get some of that focus back hopefully my 5 tips will set your sights on why so that you will approach your next workout with a renewed sense of motivation.

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