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5 Ways To Burn More Fat At The Gym – LOSE WEIGHT NOW

Knowledge is power.

Welcome to a little hack guide. Find out 5 ways to burn more fat at the gym.

Losing weight can be a long journey. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be if you take into consideration these tips from Max Posternak.

Max Posternak is the founder of Gravity Transformation, a website focused on giving tips and training guidance for people looking to improve their fitness and lose weight. His YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers.

He believes there are 5 ways to burn more fat at the gym and now we share them with you. Check it out.

5 Ways To Burn More Fat At The Gym


EMOM is known across the CrossFit community. It stands for Every Minute On the Minute. This is a form of interval training.

With any given exercise, you are to perform a given amount of reps within a 1-minute timeframe. Then rest for whatever portion of that one minute that is left. Once the break is over, when the clock shows one full minute, you begin another set with the same number of reps for another timeframe of 1 minute.

Source: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

This works because each time you will be taking longer to do the set reps and taking shorter breaks, leading your body to fatigue. If you are finishing the set in the very last few seconds and you have no time to rest, then you should consider decreasing the amount of weight you are lifting or the number of reps.

If you do EMOMs, Posternak suggests you do 5 sets and then take a 1 to 2-minute break before jumping to the next exercise.

2. Cardio Acceleration

Cardio acceleration will have you combining weight training exercises with aerobic exercises. Why does this make the list of 5 ways to burn more fat at the gym? Because you can incorporate it into any weight training workout you are currently doing.

Next time you are doing your regular workout, instead of taking a 2-minute break between sets, you can throw in a 30-60 second of cardio immediately after, and then you may take your usual 2-minute break.

how to combine HIIT and LISS to lose fat faster

In this case, you don’t necessarily need to jump to a cardio machine to get your cardio acceleration. You can also do burpees, mountain climbers, or squat jumps.

Just keep in mind that you will want to work opposite sections of your body when doing the weight training and the cardio session.

3. Peripheral Heart Action Training

Continuing this idea of combining works, the peripheral heart action can have you training opposing sides of your body after another.

For example, after doing bench presses, you can immediately get off the bench and perform a set of barbell rows. This works because you will be working the front of your upper body with the bench press and the back of your upper body when doing rows.

As long as the exercises don’t work the same muscle group, you can lift heavy weights for both exercises without having to take a break in between them. Some ideas are, besides chest and back: biceps and triceps, quads and hamstrings, or upper and lower body exercises.

4. Tabata Interval Training

This combines very short bursts of high-intensity work combined with short breaks in between each round.

Usually, a Tabata interval training means 20 seconds of performing an exercise and 10-second break for 8 rounds in total. Take a 2-minute break and go to the next exercise and perform the same style with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds 0ff for 8 rounds and so on.

5. 80/20 Rule

Lastly in the list of 5 ways to burn more fat at the gym is the good old weight training following the 80/20 rule.

This means that on your workout, 80% should be made of compound multi-joint exercises while the remaining 20% should be made of isolation exercises.

 5 Ways To Burn More Fat At The GymSource: Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

In general, lifting heavier weights will help you build more muscle and burn more calories throughout the day. That is why the majority of your workouts should be made of compound exercises while the isolation movements should be done at the end of your training session.

And those were Posternak’s 5 ways to burn more fat at the gym. If you want to see more of his explanation about each point, click on the video below.

VIDEO – 5 Ways To Burn More Fat At The Gym

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