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5 Ways to Make Weight Loss Easier and More Fun for CrossFit Athletes

When it comes to nutrition, fitness, body composition, or anything else related to health improvement, the best single sentence piece I can give is this: make achieving your goal as simple and easy as possible.

3. Worry Less About How Frequently You Eat

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Closely related to #2 is the myth that one needs to eat small frequent meals to keep your metabolism high and avoid fat storing “starvation mode.” Once again, this theory is absolutely 100% false, and largely perpetuated by snack and supplement companies who have an economic interest in the small frequent meal myth being perpetuated. There has never been any peer reviewed research that shows an increase or decrease in metabolic output by manipulating short term meal frequency.


4. Worry Much Less About Anything But Eating Less Calories

Anthony Colpo completed the massive undertaking of finding every ward based metabolic study that’s been published in English since 1935, and the solely determinant variable that influences weight gain or weight loss is overall caloric intake. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, the only thing you need to truly worry about is eating healthy food that’s satiating and keeps you fuller on less calories. That’s it.

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