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6 Full Body Exercises to Improve Your Functional Fitness

Improve your movement, mobility, coordination, balance and strength in many unique and beneficial ways with these exercises.


Bottoms UP! Even if you have no real interest in kettlebells you cannot afford to miss out on this exercise.

The bottom up press is self regulating and creates an automatically braced response to the body so I don’t have to coach anything (WIN). You CAN’T cheat this one because if you do, you’re instantly rewarded with a broken nose.

Start off light, but there’s no reason why you can’t build this exercise up and up and make it a part of your main training, even between sets of strict presses with a barbell or your warm up!

If you can shift a lot of weight in a standard kettlebell press, but only a small fraction with the bottom up, you could be overcompensating when overhead pressing. Three sets of ten on each arm is a good start. but get creative.

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