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6 Gymnastics Shoulder Workouts for Improved Strength

4.Gymnastics Shoulder Workouts – PROGRESSION

For time:

  • 21 pull ups
  • 15 chest-to-bar
  • 9 bar muscle ups

This little progression with the variation between pull ups, chest-to-bar and muscle ups is sure to work on all joints in your shoulders.

The ability to perform a muscle up already speaks for strong shoulders, however, make sure you perform this movement with great form, as the negligent pursue of it can lead to injuries.

Pull upSource: Squats & Pixels
Keep training hard


Tabata for 12 rounds

40 seconds on, 20 seconds off

  • Wall balls
  • Push ups
  • Ring pull ups

the crossfit open 2017 wall ballsSource: RX'd Photography
“Full effort is full victory”

There isn’t a lot of “working time” within this workout, so make sure all your reps are clean and well performed.

Your shoulder muscles aid throwing and lifting your arms overhead, so wall balls are a brilliant way of training them.

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