male crossfitters doing pull ups outdoors

6 Pull Up Bar Complexes to Explode your Strength and Skill

First pull-ups feel magical, but eventually (especially as we progress on to the more demanding movements), regular "pulling up to the bar" can get stale. Try these bar complexes to test yourself and challenge your skills.

3. Pull Up Bar Complexes From Alec Smith: pull-up + c2b + mu

Advanced level athletes can go on and try more demanding complexes including muscle-ups, pullovers and similar elements. Ben Smith’s younger brother Alec did one consisting of:

butterfly pull-up
butterfly chest-to-bar


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All three exercises present one rep. GRID’s Dc Brawlers’ coaches who programmed the workout, set the bar high: 20 reps for time.

4. From our friends at CrossFit Waterford comes a complex with:

clapping pull-up
muscle up
and reverse/repeat everything.


Part of a bar complex of been working on. Mix up the movements people.

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