male crossfitters doing pull ups outdoors

6 Pull Up Bar Complexes to Explode your Strength and Skill

First pull-ups feel magical, but eventually (especially as we progress on to the more demanding movements), regular "pulling up to the bar" can get stale. Try these bar complexes to test yourself and challenge your skills.

5. Sam Briggs: t2b + k2b + pull up + c2b + mu + pullover

A while ago Sam Briggs challenged you to do her complex consisting of:


6. Nawid Reinermann’s Bar Dance

Advanced level athletes skilled in callisthenics might be interested in pull-up routine Nawid Reinermann loves doing. It’s called bar dance.

When being interviewed for BOXROX, Nawid also came up with a pull-up bar challenge for all are fans:
3 Rounds:
5 Dead Hang Pull-ups
5 Explosive Pull-ups
5 leg raises
50 diamond push-ups
5 fast pull-ups
5 negative pull-ups:
-5sec chin over bar hold
-5sec head under bar hold
-5sec hang out
(one minute break between each routine)

Whichever complex you choose, don’t forget to have fun with it.

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