6 Pull Up Bar Complexes to Explode your Strength and Skill

5. Sam Briggs: t2b + k2b + pull up + c2b + mu + pullover

A while ago Sam Briggs challenged you to do her complex consisting of:


6. Nawid Reinermann’s Bar Dance

Advanced level athletes skilled in callisthenics might be interested in pull-up routine Nawid Reinermann loves doing. It’s called bar dance.

When being interviewed for BOXROX, Nawid also came up with a pull-up bar challenge for all are fans:
3 Rounds:
5 Dead Hang Pull-ups
5 Explosive Pull-ups
5 leg raises
50 diamond push-ups
5 fast pull-ups
5 negative pull-ups:
-5sec chin over bar hold
-5sec head under bar hold
-5sec hang out
(one minute break between each routine)

Whichever complex you choose, don’t forget to have fun with it.

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