6 Reasons Why I Will Do The Open: Community is #1

I hear it all the time “You don’t have to pay to do the Open workouts. You can just do them on your own.” No, you don’t have to, but I want to.

I want to participate, hopefully for most people in the fun part of the season where for five weeks our daily lives will revolve around WOD scheduling, plotting tactics with fellow box-mates and crossing fingers your least favourite exercise won’t appear in the Open workouts.

I will place somewhere far away from the top places. I don’t care. Money, top spots, ego trips and proving my fitness to others are not the reason why this year I am joining the Open.

There’s many articles explaining how you shouldn’t be afraid, how you can scale and learn something new. True, but mine motives are a bit different.

1. I want to support my box, our team and our coaches.

In the last few days I experienced the power of our community, unselfish help from my team mates and coaches, the value of our sport which is so many times hidden behind the spotlights of top level athletes. But the true community still exists and it’s the reason why I am joining.

I want to support my box, our coaches and my team mates. I want to be part of our team. And I simply love seeing people coming together for a good workout and having fun training together at the gym.

2. It connects me better with my box mates.

In my opinion Open is a community thing. It connects your better with your friends from the box through all that talking about tactics, plans, technique, how we should do it, when… It creates a special atmosphere, team spirit, sense of belonging and a smaller, fun competition within each box. I think especially for people who have never before competed at something, it’s a great start to experience a little bit of competition adrenaline.

3. It’s been on my to-do list for so long.

I don’t really care where I’ll place and what my scores will be, I only want to join, do it and finish it. This has been on my to-do list for a longer period of time but has always been postponed due to the decision, or better an excuse “you’re a strength athlete, weightlifter, no genetics for Crossfit.” Definitely going over those mental blocks this year.

4. It allows me to release my inner competitive child. At least a bit.

I spent my whole childhood competing: at least 40 ski races per season. While I decided to end with this at 16 and focus on school and work, I have to admit this little competitive girl is still pretty much alive somewhere inside my mind. Open is a really simple way to bring some childhood memories back and give the “younger me” some happiness.

GTD Day 1 (478)

5. Little competition helps me balance work and life.

I can’t really explain how, but it calms me down. I can reset my mind through little challenges like Open is and perform better at other areas of my life. Sports inspire me and I use a similar frame everywhere else: focus on now, rep by rep follow your passion, love the game, not the outcome.

6. Let’s be honest: Open is a great idea.

Many people who are now participating in the Open were years before at home, not being active at all, craving for motivation and will to get up and star moving. Or there were people who were told they can’t, but are now inspiring adaptive athletes taking part in Crossfit and doing Open for the first time: remember Mark Smith story?

With Open you’re not just exercising any more, you are participating in something. You are part of a team and a community.

Remember it’s totally ok if you don’t do it. But if you’re still deciding on it, here is a great article from last year, written by Jane Holgate to help you with your decision: To Open Or Not To Open.Don’t forget that this year we get a scaled division, so fear of not being good enough to meet the standard, will be a bit easier to overcome.


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