6 Ways to Improve Discipline for CrossFit Training, Nutrition and Life

Self-discipline and hard work are the keys to success. Here is how to set goals and actually achieve them.


Two reasons speak in favour of training with a partner. First, this approach will activate your competitive side, thus significantly improving your self-discipline and your commitment to your training program.

A study conducted by a researcher at Kansas State University has shown that subjects who exercised with someone who was a little better than them increased the intensity of their workout by 200%.

Team spirit at its best

Also take advantage of the social side of CrossFit and keep an eye on those at the box who have a level similar to yours. If you are an elite athlete and you already know who your adversaries are, having an occasional look at their workout videos might help boost your motivation to outcompete them, and subsequently boost your self-discipline as well.

Second, bringing someone along to training is particularly efficient in motivating amateur athletes. A friend’s enthusiasm on a day when you are feeling lazy could prevent you from underperforming or skipping your workout altogether.

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