7 Athletes to Watch at the 2017 Californian CrossFit Regionals

The California Regionals start this Weekend and we are exited to see some true Legends, famous names and newcomers. Who will make it through to The Games?

The 2017 Californian CrossFit Regionals are almost here. Check out who will be competing…


Chyna is a former collegiate swimmer and co-owns CrossFit of Fremont in Newark, California. The four-time CrossFit Games veteran made her first CrossFit Games appearance in 2010. After, she fought for four years to make it back, narrowly missing Games qualification every year until 2014. She qualified for every Games since then.


Only 23 years old, Lauren Fisher is already one of the big names in CrossFit and a 4times Games competitor. Fisher won the 2014 USA Weightlifting Junior National Championship in the 63-kg.


Jamie was a former professional basketball player in Greece and Spain and a formidable force at the Southern California and California Regionals since 2013, but it wasn’t until 2016 that she made her CrossFit Games debut. With 32 years she will roll out all her experience.


Is there anything you need to say about Josh Bridges? We doubt it. The Former Navy Seal and 4 Times Games Veteran will show the youngsters how to pay the man.


Christian Lucero is a former collegiate football player, wrestler and amateur MMA fighter. He started CrossFit in 2013 and made his first CrossFit Games appearance in 2016.


144 kg / 317 lbs EMOM for 10 minutes. Trust me, they all looked this effortless.

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Jeff won the 2017 Northern California Open. In 2014,15 and 16 he took part in the Regionals in the Team Division and made it to the Games with the Team in 2016. This year he will compete as an individual


Thrusters today 255; 265; 275f; 275 for a 10lb pr #hobbitsquats #fortheshire #yum

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Garret Fisher was just 22 when he qualified for his first CrossFit Games appearance in 2013, yet he already had seven years of CrossFit experience: he started CrossFit in 2007 at 15 to improve his fitness for baseball. In 2013, he became an overnight celebrity after taking fifth in his rookie Games performance. Brother to Lauren Fisher, the man with the indestructable coiffure serves on the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff.


Hit a lifetime backsquat PR this morning- 230kg/506lbs. Despite focusing only on conditioning these past 6-7 months my lifts have only gone up. Pretty crazy to think about. I have a 365lb clean & jerk, 300lb snatch, and now a 506lb backsquat…let’s see if I can chase down that sub 5 minute mile…my best is 5:06… ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Love throwing down and having fun with the crew @holdenrethwill @therealbrycesmith @gajemcdaniel @hunterbritt @ncosta78 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @niketraining @progenex @getworkt @compexusa @tinomarini #invictusathlete

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