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7 Barbell Exercises All Crossfitters Need to Master


The jerk moves the barbell from the shoulders to an overhead locked-arm position in a single explosive movement.

The barbell is driven off the shoulders with a violent dip-drive. In the split second that the upward drive of the hips and shoulders make the barbell weightless, the athlete drives the body until the bar is fully locked out overhead. The finished position can be in a split position or in a squat position. In competition, the Jerk is always paired with the Clean, and the lifter must complete both together for a successful lift.

male crossfit athlete split jerk with barbellSource: High Intensity Photography
The Split Jerk in action


  1. After standing up from the Front Squat, adjust the barbell into the Jerk rack position.
  2. Recover, breathe and align your balance towards the heels.
  3. Bend your knees and hips, keep your torso straight.
  4. Explosively extend and drive from the ground to thrust the bar upwards above the head.
  5. Feet split, elbows locked, core is engaged and the bar is received overhead. Recover to a full standing position

Improve your Split Jerk technique 

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