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7 Barbell Mobility Exercises to Help Crossfitters Improve Technique and Flexibility

Mobility is the key.


There has always been 1000's of ways you can improve movement and sometimes it can be hard to distinguish the most effective exercises to use. One of the most important aspects to reflect on is the transferability of the exercises you are doing, in order to be efficient with your time. When you know what you want to improve you can then make tweaks to the exercises to increase their transferability. So when trying to improve the squat in CrossFit, where maintaining an upright torso is crucial, by adding a barbell to the back in some basic movement exercises you are forced to maintain an upright position, whilst working the lower body, thus giving the exercise greater transfer. Here @jacdah is working some lateral squats using the barbell, it makes the movement more challenging, but also forces her in to better positions for what we want to achieve. It is however important that you are able to do the basic positioning work before moving onto this style of exercise… Try building up to a comfortable lateral squat, then adding a barbell work 3 sets of 45 sec work 1 min rest. #TheProgrm @theprogrm

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