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7 Best Snatch Accessory Exercises Every Athlete Needs to Use

These accessory exercises will target different phases of the movement and help to improve your strength, technique, speed, power and coordination.


Snatching from the blocks means that the plates of the bar rest on blocks that vary in height to provide a dead stop from which to execute the lift from. Typically, this is just above the knee and around the mid-thigh area. This is done to focus on improving a certain part of the pull or the receiving portion of the snatch and is crucial, I believe, in developing and continuing to improve the second pull.

This is a valuable training tool that requires no more mobility than a full Snatch and can be used to improve your pulling and receiving technique in the snatch. Subsequently it has the potential to improve both your one rep max and your performance in WOD’s involving snatches and snatch cycling.

As any of you who have tried high rep barbell cycling – especially snatches – will testify, your arms will burn out fast if you’re lifting with sub-optimal technique and often this is because of inefficiencies in the second pull.

  • Get the second pull right by integrating Snatch block work into your program,
  • Develop better pulling technique,
  • Save your arms, do more reps, get better WOD scores/times. Simple.

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