ankle mobility and how to test it

7 Common CrossFit Mobility Problems and How to Fix Them

These common issues affect many CrossFitters. If you want to improve your mobility and range of motion then add these drills into your training.

CrossFit mobility problems are a surefire way to inhibit your progress. Check that these don’t affect you. If they do then use the drills that have been prescribed to help you remedy each issue.


“A great drill to get into those tight shoulders adapted from the #gandalf by James @imfitlondon

Keep the top arm’s elbow locked out throughout, then reach for the floor starting at the same side’s toes then working forwards and across until you’re in line with the opposite toes and at the base of the box/wall. Keep the ribs down and tucked for bonus points!”

Crossfit Mobility Problems

Strong shoulders are essential for performance

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