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7 Common Mistakes That Many Crossfitters Make

Often small changes will make big differences to your health, happiness and performance. Are you are making any of these common mistakes?


Good movement comes first. Next should be technique and a clear understanding of the exercise, and finally comes the weight. There is no point lifting a weight so heavy that it forces an athlete to lift it with bad form, yet many athletes do it. This is basically a one-way ticket to getting injured.

Here is Ben Smith, the 2015 CrossFit Games Champion, to illustrate the point:

“I always suggest to athletes, focus more on moving the bar with speed and good form rather than how much weight is on the bar. The weight will come if you have good technique and generate a lot of power by moving the bar with some speed! You shouldn’t sacrifice form for more weight when doing your working sets.”

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

© Ben Smith
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