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7 Common Squat Mistakes and How to Fix Them


This problem can be ignored if you are deliberately choosing to take short rest periods between sets because of the structure and conditions of a WOD, or because you are working towards a specific training aim. Otherwise, allow yourself decent resting periods between sets.

‘The correctly performed Squat is an extremely taxing exercise, which is also (unsurprisingly) why it is so beneficial.’


Attack each set in a prepared and focused way, then you will be much more likely to succeed. Powering through just for the sake of it might work for push-ups or wall balls, but when you squat, take the time to do everything properly and begin each set when you are 100% mentally focused and physically ready.

Knee sleeves work in a similar way to compression gear, and keep your knees warm between sets so if you are taking longer pauses (testing 1 Rep Maxes for example) then you can be sure that you stay warm in the right place and don’t lose any efficiency.

Rich froning overhead lunge midline stability
Dedicating time to perfect your Squat technique will help you to improve many other exercises as well.

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