7 Common Squat Mistakes and How to Fix Them


This refers to the position that some people adopt when they set up for the squat and push the pelvis too far back. This exaggerates the curve of the spine and causes the upper body to learn further forward. It also places tremendous stress on the lower back and can be the cause for the infamous ‘butt wink’ as well.

‘Overextension is also often an attempt to compensate for core instability.’

how to build muscle squatSource: Depositphotos
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  1. Practice bracing yourself and keep a neutral spinal position. Film yourself performing a squat session so that you can observe your own movements personally. This will help you to understand exactly where you are going wrong, so this problem can be remedied and overcome.
  2. Additional core work.
  3. Lower the weight for the Squat and build it back up again over time with better technique.

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