7 EMOM WODs to Build Strength, Toughness and Conditioning for Crossfitters

What are EMOM WODs?

Unless you’re new to the CrossFit community then you probably already know what an EMOM workout entails. But let’s pretend you don’t. It involves starting the reps at the start of each minute, if you complete the reps before the minute is up the remaining time is your rest. The next round begins again on the next minute. This is repeated for the desired amount of time, usually somewhere between 10 to 30 minutes.

Likened to HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – EMOM workouts are designed to push you for that 1 minute you work out to get maximum benefit and results. The flexibility of these workouts means they are easily customisable and personalised to be tailored to the individuals needs or goals.

Below are 7 EMOM WODs to get you started, motivated and enthused. Enjoy!

Kettlebell EMOM WOD

Equipment – Kettlebell

Time – 10 minutes

  • On even minutes complete 20 kettlebell swings
  • On odd minutes complete 12 burpees

This workout is a great way to maximise your workout in a short space of time. Kettlebell swings work many muscles in the body whilst also burning a ton of calories. A good all-rounder for beginners.


Equipment – bar and weights, jump-rope

Time – 14 minutes

  • On even minutes complete 6 front squats at 60% of your 1rm
  • On odd minutes complete 50 double unders

This workout is an intense couplet. Compared to a back squat, the front squat will maximise the work your quads will do (compared to your hamstrings) and requires extra strength and power from your core. Perfect for strength training and building a solid core. The jump-rope is an excellent piece of equipment for metabolic conditioning. If you’re having any problems with your technique, then this tutorial will help:

The Up & Down Workout

Equipment – pull-up bar

Time – 30 minutes

  • On minute 1 complete 5 strict pull-ups
  • On minute 2 complete 10 push-ups
  • On minute 3 complete 15 air squats
  • keep rotating through these 3 exercises until 30 minutes has been completed

Work the upper body and build your muscles with these pull-ups and push-ups whilst also improving grip strength, flexibility, conditioning and overall strength for other workouts. Whilst air squats will build strength and improve flexibility in the legs whilst also working your overall fitness. This is a good set for a wide range of fitness levels as you can tweak the exercises slightly to suit you.

Tip: Scale the workout with butterfly pull ups

The Burpee Workout

Equipment – nothing 

Time – 20 minutes

  • Complete 10 burpees on the minute

Ah burpees… everyone’s favourite. Love ’em or hate ’em you can’t fool yourself into thinking they’re not one of the most crucial parts of any workout. So why not try an EMOM dedicated to them? Perfect for burning calories, burpees are full-body, intense and boost your metabolism. So if you do these first thing in the morning you’re likely to continue to burn more calories throughout the day. Bonus right? As an added incentive they also improve your overall strength and are a great conditioning exercise so they’re perfect for all kinds of athletes with all kinds of goals.

Tip: you can scale the amount of burpees per minute to suit your ability, whether that’s cutting it down to 5 or upping them to 15


Equipment – a mat

Time – 15 minutes

  • On minute 1 complete a 30 second handstand hold
  • On minute 2 complete a 30 second plank hold (on elbows)
  • On minute 3 complete 10 hollow body rocks
  • Rotate through these 3 exercises until 15 minutes has expired

Don’t let the fact that this workout can be done at home fool you into thinking it’s lack-luster and not doing as much good for you than if you were at the box. Handstands are perfect for building upper body strength, coordination and strengthening the core.

Planks are similar in the way they develop the core but they also improve your posture and gives you better balance and movement for functional movements. Hollow body rocks require more skill and strength than just the regular static hold but once again – you guessed it – builds those core muscles. Are you seeing the pattern? So all in all, a 15 minute ab-crunching, core-strengthening, back-straightening workout for everyone. You’re welcome.

Long Dumbbell EMOM Workout

Equipment – dumbbells (20 kg / 16 kg)

Time – 35 minutes

  • On minute 1 complete 24 dumbbell reverse lunges
  • On minute 2 complete 12 push-ups
  • On minute 3 complete 15 dumbbell thrusters
  • On minute 4 complete 14 renegade rows
  • On minute 5 complete 10 burpees/10 v-ups

If you love the idea of a good EMOM workout but think 10-15 minutes is just not cutting it for you, give this one a try. 6 different exercises to keep the workout varied and interesting. This is a total body strength and conditioning workout.


Equipment – drive sled, kettlebell, battle rope, dumbbells

Time – 25 minutes

  • On minute 1 complete 25 yard sled push
  • On minute 2 complete 10 kettlebell swings 
  • On minute 3 complete 20 seconds of burpees
  • On minute 4 complete 20 seconds of battle rope waves
  • On minute 5 complete 15 burpees
  • On minute 6 complete a 20-25 yard dumbbell farmers walk (as heavy as you can hold)

This is a jam-packed variety of exercises designed to keep your heart rate high high whilst also working your full body.

There are a ton of reasons why metabolic conditioning is so important – and it’s not just your heart that benefits – Recovery times are improved, energy levels are increased and it will even boost your mental health.

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