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7 Essential Exercises to Build Stronger Hamstrings for Athletes

Hamstrings are the crux of many basic movements such as Squats and Deadlifts. They are essential to eliminating the dreaded butt wink, and also one of the first places to have a look at if you struggle with knee, hip or low back pain.

Nordic Ham Curl

This one is a killer.
Be careful as this is not a Beginner exercise.

  • Setup with your hips extended and torso upright. Your feet have to be stable by either weight or a Training partner.
  • Keep your hips extended, begin to lower yourself as slowly as possible until you can no longer control the descent.
  • At this point, allow yourself to fall to the floor in a controlled fashion and “catch” yourself with your arms.
  • Give yourself just enough of a push off the floor to get back into a position where you can pull yourself back to the start using your hamstrings.

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