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7 Exercises That Have Been Featured EVERY Year in The CrossFit® Open

Muscle Up

This exercise requires strength and good gymnastics skills and co-ordination. The muscle up is like a combination of pull-ups, sit-ups and dips.

Many people struggle with this exercise, but as always, never give up. Work on the pull up and chest to bar and dips, to work up strength. Important thing for this is the kip or gymnastic swing. You can work up the kipping swing with toes to bar movement.

To heave your body all the way up you must use the whole body to help.

  • Get momentum from your legs up to the hips to swing the hips up to the rings or the bar.
  • Then do a sit up to turn your upper body over the bar/rings.
  • Finish with straightening your elbows like in a dip.

Of course, these two exercises have the same aim, from hanging position to hips over the bar/rings. But they differ a lot in their execution.

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