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7 Exercises That Have Been Featured EVERY Year in The CrossFit® Open

Wall Balls

You grab a ball, guys 9 kg, girls 6 kg and head to a wall. Most gyms have a line or a target market to the certain height. The guys must hit the 3-m mark while the girls must hit 2,7 m.

  • The ball must go over the line each time for the rep to count.
  • You also have to do a deep squat, knees under 90 degrees. 
  • As you stand up, use the momentum from the hip flex to get the ball up to the target.

The problem with wallballs is that they always appear in a high rep scheme. Never just 10 wallballs, always at least 30 and up to 150.

This exercise uses every joint and muscle in the body, legs in the squat and core to be stable, upper body to throw and hold the ball. This is more stamina then strength, unless that you have heavy wallballs, 14 kg guys, 9 kg girls.

Soon the athletes tires from the fast movement so it is necessary to pace yourself if the reps are high and plan ahead.

To release tension in the shoulders some athletes let their arms rest after throwing the ball, but be careful to have the arms ready again to catch the ball when it falls down. Otherwise it will likely hit you in the face.

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