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7 Exercises That Have Been Featured EVERY Year in The CrossFit® Open


The heavier version of wall balls.

Grab a bar and clean it up to a front rack position or grab it from a rack at the proper height. Perform a front squat, but as you stand up again bring the bar over your head as you would for a push press. Use the muscles in your legs to raise the bar higher then in a usual front squat.

If you have to begin the movement with the bar on the floor you should always aim for a squat clean, so you don’t have to lower yourself later on with the weight of the bar on your shoulders.

This movement also targets your whole body, upper, lower body and core.

If you are going to rest during thrusters it is best to rest with the bar overhead in an upright position, then bring yourself down at the same time as the bar. It is a waste of time to bring the bar down to your shoulders and then do the squat. Try to perform it at the same time and then straight back up.

Keep the bar in the front rack position while the bar is close to the body. Don´t tire out your arms by using them to hold the bar unless to move the bar over head.

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