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7 Exercises That Have Been Featured EVERY Year in The CrossFit® Open


The snatch is a complex Olympic Weightlifting movement with a barbell. It can be done with kettlebells and dumbbells, but that is a whole other kind of exercise.

The aim is to get the bar from the ground to overhead in one swift movement. There are three types of snatches with a barbell in CrossFit.

  1. Power snatch: One movement from ground to overhead. Starting position on the ground, then high pull it all the way up, then end with the bar over head but knees slightly bent like in a jerk, then finalize the move by standing up straight.
  2. Squat snatch: Starting position is the same, bar on the ground. Next pull the bar up in a straight line but lower your body and catch the bar in a squat position. Your hips must be lower then you knees. Then stand up.
  3. Hang snatch: It has the same goal but the starting position is standing up with the bar at hip or knee height. Then lower it by leaning forward, until the bar reaches the knees, then use the same hip pop movement to raise the bar all the way over head. 

An important thing to think about with a snatch is hand position on the bar. You need much wider grip than in cleans or push presses. Use the same grip as your over head squat. Otherwise the balance and mobility will not let you go the right way when you get the bar overhead.

Good luck in the Open! 

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