7 Important Exercises to Improve Pulling Strength for CrossFit Athletes

Strict Pull Ups / Weighted Pull Ups

Strict pull ups are a perfect exercise for building pulling strength. Form is everything, be a harsh critic of yourself when it comes to this exercise. Strict pull ups are hard when done properly, but they will significantly help you to get stronger. Check these article out for tips:

3 Ring Exercises To Build Strict Strength for Pull-Ups

This workout from Ben Smith shows how strong this former CrossFit Games winner actually is. This is a brutal way to improve your strict pulling strength.

For quality and intensity:

  • 42 Strict CTB pull ups
  • 28 Strict CTB Pull ups +35#
  • 14 Strict CTB Pull ups +53#

“Took me 11:47, got my knee scoped last weekend, but there’s always work to do and a way to get better!!”


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