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7 Inspiring CrossFit Coaches to Follow (not Only) on Instagram

These 7 individuals are highly respected coaches who have guided many Athletes to the Games and helped countless others become the best version of themselves.


Ben Bergeron trains some of the world’s fittest athletes. A former Ironman triathlete turned CrossFit Games competitor, Ben has coached athletes to six world championships. He is considered one of the top coaches in CrossFit. Despite that, Bergeron still doesn´t consider himself a great leader. But he knows he is much better than he was 10 years ago.

He trains people like Katrin Davidsdottir, Mat Faser or Cole Sager.

Ben Bergeron try to achieve relationship-based leadership towards the athletes. He believes that if people do what you say because they have to, that is really a low level of leadership. Coaching is about building trust and trying to get further than just results.

“Are people sharing their fears with you?… Or are they putting up blockers? People who share their weaknesses are your true friends.”

Bergeron founded CrossFit New England in 2007, where he coaches regular people on their quest to improve their fitness, health, and approach to life beyond the gym. He currently programs for tens of thousands of competitive athletes on both CompTrain and CompTrain Masters, and shares best practices for gym owners and coaches through seminars and events around the world.

Ben Bergeron is also the author of the title Chasing Excellence: A Story About Building the World’s Fittest Athletes.

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Improve Your Deadlift with Tips from Ben Bergeron

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