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7 Inspiring CrossFit Coaches to Follow (not Only) on Instagram


John Singleton is both a CrossFit coach and an osteopath. He started with CrossFit working out with a friend  in a park.

He says there is not a real secret to become high-level athlete. Important is to create environment where everybody is getting better. John says, that a group of people is more beneficial than having one person to train with.

“It is all about small steps that have to be taken.”

He is a founder of The Progrm. 

In an essence, The Progrm is a training program designed for CrossFit athletes. The idea behind The Progrm has always been to support athletes in becoming the best athletes they possibly can. The Progrm has been used by and developed multiple CrossFit Games competitors, including Sara Sigmundsdottir. It started in very small extension, then The Progrm became public and kept growing.

Singleton believes that to get to the Games an athlete has to be strong with good genetic potential and be able to pick up skills quickly. A good team is the key as well.





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