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7 Lessons I Wish I’d Known Before I Started CrossFit

"I've been crossFit training now for 3 years and love the journey, but these 7 lessons would have hugely improved my progress had I known them at the start."


I started CrossFit because I was looking for something competitive and varied (and, to be very honest, because I admired the bodies of the female athletes so much). I loved learning new skills and focused a lot on the gymnastics. However, anything that contained a barbell held the stepchild position in my attention. So when we should do a lift on XX% of our 1RM, I just could choose a random weight because I was never keen about testing anything. Needless to say, I never hit the right intensity or stimulus. Today I know all my numbers, so I always have a reference point to do an actual productive training. Which leads me to the next point.

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Train hard, train smart

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Again: I don’t want to say the GPP-programming boxes create doesn’t work at all. Also, most boxes I’ve been a member at implement common strength programs such as Wendler, Starting Strength etc. already. The problem lies on the member’s side: Since our lives and duties outside of the box don’t follow the structure our coaches had in mind, it mostly works better to settle an additional plan and follow it strictly – and with a patience that survives several months!

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