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7 Nutrient Rich Foods Every CrossFit Athlete Should Add to Their Diet


At least one serving of broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kale or cabbage should be on your plate or in your smoothie daily. Containing high levels of fibre, folate, b-vitamins, vitamin C and compounds to help remove toxins, cruciferous veggies regularly top the lists of the healthiest foods in the world. We know that the intense nature of CrossFit can lead to increased inflammation in the body. We also know that green veg can lower inflammation levels and reduce oxidative stress, allowing you to keep coming back for more!

How to use – 

  • Soups are a great way to get different veg into your nutrition plan. Curried cauliflower, green thai chicken and broccoli or pesto supergreen soup are some great options
  • Adding greens into smoothies is also recommended. Blending kale and broccoli into a smoothie containing almond butter, chocolate protein, cacao powder, almond milk and avocado will provide a huge dose of nutrients to supercharge your CrossFit performance.

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Leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables should be an essential part of your diet


To be an excellent CrossFit athlete you have to get good at more than just weightlifting. Endurance performance is often an area in which people struggle. Beetroot supplies a huge dose of nitric oxide and iron which are required for optimal aerobic performance. Research has shown that it can improve time to exhaustion for rowers and running. Interestingly benefits have been noted following a single bolus, as well as daily consumption.

How to use – 

  • Beetroot can be added to salads, roasted with other veg or grated into chillis and stews.
  • Add to a smoothie with some protein powder or amino acids for a great pre workout drink.
  • Beetroot brownies are also an awesome treat to whip up
  • My suggestion is to use as a side dish – roasted rosemary beetroot and carrots goes very well with lamb or beef.

Incorporating these foods into your diet as often as possible will supercharge your health, recovery and performance. AND BE CREATIVE!


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