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7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Crossfit Guy

CrossFit guys all have one thing in common: love for training, improving and working harder. Well, and maybe a little bit of that competitive ego.

As a Crossfit girl you probably dream about a Crossfit guy. I mean, having one right? There’s plenty of reasons, but one is obvious: sharing the same lifestyle. And the things that come along with it like a compassion for after-WOD-day soreness, ripped hands and big amounts of food.

Let’s have a look at the following reasons:

1. His body is not just good looking, it’s strong and powerful

Let’s be honest, even if you don’t want to admit it, we all like to pay a little attention to the guys with hot Crossfit bodies. Crossfitters bring the full package: strength, power, stamina, mobility, explosiveness, stability, etc. They don’t strive for the outlook, they focus on building machines out their bodies. Those muscles reflect daily box “go hard or go home” sessions, hard work and discipline. I am telling you, a whole package. But however, it gets even better…

Crossfit athlete
Rob Martin, CrossFit Mallorca

2. He’ll motivate you to improve more

He’ll want you to be fit and strong. So get ready for some daily discipline and hard work. If you’re really determined, he’ll even get you a training plan. Hey and when you need a spotter for your heavy bench pressing, he’ll be there. It also helps having him next to you when squatting, his cheering, well beast-like yelling will motivate you to squeeze a few reps more and PR your lifts.

Besides, training together is not only fun, it also benefits a relationship by building a stronger bond. It’s well known that couples who share the same interests and pursue the same goals are happier than others.

crossfit guy
No excuses not to do your best.

3. He’s skilled with cooking, so you’ll eat good

Hard training is not everything Crossfitters are focused on. They also care about food, nutrition and more food. They need big amounts of calories to replenish the damage done in the box, but they do with style: high protein, tasty fats, healthy carbs. No other choice, then to do their own cooking for themselves, and their Crossfit babe. So prepare to get more conscious about health, food and lifestyle in general. Also get ready to uptake your calorie intake: he’ll prove it, you don’t eat enough. Secondly, you will think twice before eating a chocolate cake with whipped cream and that sweet Sex on the beach cocktail you like to enjoy.

training and competing
Simply said, skilled.

4. He is all about discipline and commitment

Most Crossfit guys have a full-time job, handling a 40-hour working week together with training in the afternoon. Three facts: great time management, discipline and know-what they want. Lazy is not an option, getting their deadlifts up is. Is it the same excepted from you? Yes.

GTD Day 1 (200)
Train together, celebrate together.

5. You’ll feel safe and protected

As tough as we the Crossfit girls get, we have to admit: no matter the confidence or strength, sometimes we just need to lay down in those strong arms, to feel secure and forget everything that’s going on.With their presence, they will make you feel safe and sound. Lots of them are firefighters, soldiers or former professional athletes, all with a big heart to protect their girl.

GTD Day 2 (161)
Bear hug

6. You’ll never get bored

No, never! Whether he’ll be on a new challenge and will drag you along, or he’ll just be battling his own competitive nature and annoy you, in any case, he’ll keep you entertained. Prepare, this sometimes can be a wild ride (days he misses a  PR!), but also there can be moments he’s completely engaged in his beast mode and pull you in with him into the… enough said, use the imagination here.

GTD Day 1 (160)
You never get bored with those guys.

7. Crossfit guys wear gym clothes 24/7 and look good the whole freaking time

Beards and tattoos with black glasses, headbands, no shirts, training shorts and Nanos are pretty much all what Crossfit guys wear… All the time! The older or sweatier their clothes get, the hotter they look. That old school gym look, and some hate for not stretchy, always quads too small, jeans. Let’s not forget those push, pull, grind shirts. And ladies, no worries, they will do their own laundry (if not, remember you’re a tough Crossfit girl, everyone listens to).

GTD Day 1 (347)
Big support system, always cheering up on you.

In the end, some of you girls may ask yourselves if a Crossfitter will have time for you at all, will he just spend the whole time with barbells, plates and kettlebells. In my opinion you shouldn’t be worrying about that one. If he’ll want, he will definitely find time for you too.

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