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7 Reasons Why CrossFit Athletes Hate Wall Balls

4. Sometimes Jordan’s throwing skills are needed.

WOD-saver: excel with throws. And use more hip power.


This can save you from a lot of pain. The way you throw up the ball is important, and is the key to good efficiency. If you have a basketball player friend, watch him do Karen. If not, keep in mind you need to hold and catch the ball good, so it does not slip away and costs extra energy.

– Hip power: Use the glutes and hamstrings to accelerate the throw and generate more power by driving your hips up: within the momentum of opening hips (up), throw the medicine ball towards the target.

– Good front rack position: Also hold the ball right in front of your face in a front rack position where your arms stay tight and under the ball.

– Chin support: You’ll see a lot of competitors using their chin to help supporting/stabilizing the ball.

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