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7 Reasons Why you Need a Coach and a Training Plan for CrossFit

3. Because someone needs to fix your positions, technique and movement in general.

Crossfit involves skill work that needs to be learnt well and developed gradually. For most people, learning Olympic weightlifting drills completely alone is practically impossible. You need a coach who balances out your positions, fixes you barbell path, moves your hips lower, says all over again ‘you’re bumping too much’ and explain why your snatch lacks lots of shoulder and ankle mobility work,  and not just strength for example. You need a good, studious observer of your movement, and someone who knows how to offer solutions to the problems they identify.

4. You can focus on doing the work.

A Coach takes away the planning and thinking part: ‘So what should I do today.’ They deliver a plan and the planning story ends there. This is on the whiteboard today, this is what you’re going to do so get to it. There are no decisions to make about which workouts would feel nice today, simply just the execution of them. It’s less stressful, less time consuming and – here we go – safer.


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