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7 Reasons Why you Need a Coach and a Training Plan for CrossFit

5. Injury prevention: Coach can stop you long before you stop yourself.

I heard this remark so many times when I first started training ‘What was that?’ Especially when I thought I just did a nice, controlled Snatch. In reality, from an outsider’s perspective, it was much less perfect than I imagined.

The point is, how do you know what you’re actually doing, and how is this affecting your body, if you can’t watch your own movements? Even if you film your own movements and analyse them later, this is not the same as having a coach watch you, because the opinions still come from you, from your perspective. Your coach can easily identify areas that might lead to injury, whereas we may have the tendency to brush over them in our search for new PRs.

6. You’ll get an honest opinion, not driven by your own emotions.

Your Coach won’t say it’s ok when it’s not. But they also won’t say you’re a failure, that you’re not good enough and ‘you should quit’. Instead, great coaches will acknowledge your strengths first, but also present your weaknesses as something you must work on. They will show you how to make you stronger overall in the future.

7. You will celebrate your PRs together.

Setting goals together also means celebrating the resulting achievements together. It’s exceptionally motivating, because you know that someone else is also acknowledging your progress, and is extremely happy about it. Believe me, your coach is as or even more happy than you are, when the mission you set together is officially accomplished.

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