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7 Unique Upper Body Kettlebell Moves To Increase Strength and Size

Grab your kettlebell and upgrade your training.

If you want to grow your upper body, check out these 7 upper body kettlebell moves shared by Marcus Filly.

Marcus Filly is the founder of the popular training program Functional Bodybuilding, which mixes functional exercises with aesthetic training and focuses on longevity.

These 7 upper body kettlebell moves you are about to see are unique, according to Filly, and they are intended to be performed in a superset style (back-to-back with no rest between exercises). You will only need one kettlebell to perform each exercise.

man performs kettlebell workout with single kettlebell
Unique Upper Body Kettlebell Moves

7 Unique Upper Body Kettlebell Moves

1. Crush Grip 90/90 Floor Press

  • 10-12 reps

2. Dual Grip Kettlebell Push-Up (Hammer + Narrow Grip)

  • 6 reps per different grip

Perform 3 times the above-mentioned superset.

The crush grip means you are applying pressure on both sides of the kettlebell which is going to mimic the contraction of a dumbbell or a cable fly.

Flipping the kettlebell over and performing different grips on the push-up is going to put a lot of emphasis on your triceps.

3. Horn Grip Curl

  • 10-12 reps

4. Tall-Kneeling Hammer Grip Kettlebell Curl

  • 8-10 reps

5. Half-Kneeling Kettlebell Curl Eccentric

  • 6 reps per arm

Perform 2 supersets of each back and forth.

The horn grip curl is going to mimic the cable curl and it allows you to lift a heavier kettlebell and go deeper to get a greater stimulus.

Flipping the kettlebell upside down for the tall-kneeling hammer grip KB curl will change the stimulus on the biceps and forearms consistently, by pulling the arms forward.

“The controlled slow eccentric is a powerful way to overload any muscle, in particular the bicep,” Filly explains. You can press your elbow to your ribs so that it isolates well the body on the way down like a preacher curl.

6. Upright row to strict press

  • 8 reps per arm

7. Tall-Kneeling Hammer Grip Tricep Overhead Extension

  • 10-12 reps

Perform 3 sets of this superset back and forth.

The first exercise adds an element of rotation around your forearm to allow for the press-up position. This will put a lot of demand on your shoulder.

The last exercise will give another burn to your core and trunk muscles. The grip and the position of the bell in this exercise are key and your triceps will be under constant tension during the movement.

To understand more about these unique upper body kettlebell moves, check out the video below from Marcus Filly.

VIDEO – Upper Body Kettlebell Moves

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