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8 Best Bodyweight Exercises

Add these best Bodyweight Exercises into your training.

Best Bodyweight Exercises

Jeff from Athlean X has chosen his 8 favourites. Check them out.

“With so many bodyweight exercises to choose from, picking the 8 best was certainly a challenge.  That said, in this video I show you the 8 best bodyweight exercises you can do and how you can cover all the major muscles in your body with them.” 

Add these best Bodyweight Exercises into your training.

“Most bodyweight workout routines are nothing more than glorified aerobics that cost you lean muscle while doing them.  This doesn’t have to be the case.  If you choose the right exercises and follow the proper progressions and regressions, bodyweight training can be just as effective at building muscle as any other workout.”

“The 8 best bodyweight exercises that were chosen are as follows:”

1.  Pullups

“The pullup is one of the best back exercises you can do, even if you have access to a gym.  Should you want a challenging alternative, I show you how to mix up your grip and perform the Commando Pullup for an even more intense back exercise with the added benefit of working your forearms and biceps.”

2.  Chin Up Knee Up

“This exercise hits the biceps and abs equally hard as it breaks down the chinup into two parts.  If you’re looking to get more out of your bodyweight exercises you have to put more in them.  This is a perfect combination movement that helps you to kill two muscles with one move.”

3.  Slick Floor Bridge Curls

“This posterior chain exercise hammers your glutes and hamstrings and happens to be one of the most intense bodyweight leg exercises you can do for this area.  In fact, this exercise is as challenging as most weighted glute/ham exercises you’d have at your disposal if you were training in a gym.”

4.  Levitation Squats

“Time to hit your quads with this awesome lower body no equipment exercise.  By positioning your leg behind your body you make it easier to perform this single leg killer without having your balance be your limiting factor (as it may be during the pistol squat).  Be sure to keep your back foot raised off the ground to keep the work on the front leg only.”

5.  Best Bodyweight Exercises – Divebomber Pushups

“You knew there would have to be a pushup variation in this list of 8 best bodyweight exercises in order to hit your chest.  That said, this dive-bomber version hits your chest, shoulders and triceps equally hard at different points in the range of motion.  Add the one and a half rep style for an even more advanced challenge.”

6.  Best Bodyweight Exercises – Mule Kicks

“This is a perfect bodyweight conditioning exercise that also puts an overload on your shoulders.  Think of it as a closed chain plyometric bodyweight shoulder exercise that crushes your stamina at the same time.  Sound fun?”

7.  Kickthrough Burpees

“There may be no more athletic version of the burpee than this one, and that is why I love it.  This is yet another bodyweight only movement that will challenge your upper body, lower body and core while pelting away at your ability to breathe.”

8.  Front Lever

“Finally, the challenging front lever exercise lands the last spot on the 8 best bodyweight exercise list.  Don’t worry if you can’t do it yet, you will.  Just work your way up to it using a resistance band if needed.”

Video – Best Bodyweight Exercises

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