8 Best Morning Habits to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Make your belly fat disappear.

Find out the 8 best morning habits to lose belly fat fast according to Max Posternak.

Max Posternak is the founder of Gravity Transformation, a website focused on giving tips and training guidance for people looking to improve their fitness and lose weight. His YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers.

Check out his 8 best morning habits to lose belly fat fast.

8 Best Morning Habits to Lose Belly Fat Fast

“Starting your day the right way can help accelerate fat loss, increase motivation, and get the work that actually matters done. For example, the simple choice of staying in bed and watching tv or playing video games first thing after you wake up can lead to a spiral of laziness, maybe leading you to call out of work, miss your workout, and eat a bunch of junk food because you already took the day off anyway… so might as well. Instead of getting trapped in this cycle of demotivation, I want to give you 8 crucial morning habits that you can incorporate into your daily routine to help automatically reduce your calories, burn more fat, decrease the size of your waist, and feel more driven and on point throughout the rest of your day.”

8 Best Morning Habits to Lose Belly Fat Fast

“And first, if you’re trying to accelerate fat loss try having some coffee soon after you wake up. Since burning fat is almost entirely about reducing the number of calories that you take in, coffee can be a very effective tool to make you naturally desire fewer calories. That’s because coffee has appetite-suppressing effects that can delay and even negate the feeling of hunger for hours. If you can decrease Ghrelin which is your hunger hormone, while increasing satiety hormones like leptin and peptide YY, your appetite will go down. And according to numerous studies something found in coffee other than the caffeine makes it effective at reducing hunger for many people. For example, a study compared participants that drank either a placebo, caffeinated coffee, decaffeinated coffee, or water with caffeine added in.”


“And the researchers found that decaffeinated coffee actually had the biggest impact on raising peptide YY and significantly reducing hunger. The second runner-up was the regular coffee, meanwhile, the placebo and the caffeine mixed into the water had no effect. So this showed that one or more noncaffeine ingredients in coffee may be what’s leading to a lower appetite and more fat loss. This may have something to do with the fact that coffee contains phytochemical compounds called chlorogenic acids and many obesity researchers are very interested in these compounds because they may be the noncaffeinated ingredients within coffee that help decrease hunger. (1) Generally this decrease in hunger can last a while. For example in a meta-analysis researchers concluded that both coffee and decaffeinated coffee is able to reduce your appetite up to 4 hours after consumption. (2)”

8 Best Morning Habits to Lose Belly Fat Fast

“This brings me to my next point it may help you to just have coffee and skip breakfast. If you were trying to build muscle I would recommend that you, of course, have breakfast because it’ll help you add more calories to your diet which is beneficial for muscle growth since it requires that you stay in a calorie surplus. However, if you’re trying to reduce the size of your belly then skipping breakfast can help you take in significantly fewer calories throughout the day. It also allows you to have larger meals later on in the day since those calories haven’t been used up on breakfast. Now, this isn’t to say that skipping breakfast is the only way you should set up your routine, because some people actually benefit from having breakfast and their better able to manage their hunger that way.”

8 Best Morning Habits to Lose Belly Fat Fast

“Some people also prefer smaller more frequent meals. However there are a whole bunch of other people that either don’t really like having breakfast, have more energy and feel less lethargic by skipping, or they would rather save those calories for larger more enjoyable meals later. Now if you’re used to having breakfast and you want to try to skip it to save some calories, you’re likely going to feel hungry the first few days because your body is used to getting fed during that that time of the ay so it’ll naturally increase your hunger hormones at that time. So make sure you try it for at least a few days and give your body time to adapt to see if it fits well with your body and your preferences.”

Best Morning Habits to Lose Belly Fat FastSource: Nathan Cowley on Pexels

8 Best Morning Habits to Lose Belly Fat Fast

“If you do choose to have a breakfast, then make sure that you weigh yourself before breakfast. Weighing yourself first thing every morning is another very important habit that has been proven to help people lose weight faster, lose it more consistently. Many times we don’t realize that something we’re eating is actually slowing down our fat loss. If you decided to eat 3 protein cookies the night before hand and you were thinking that they’re great for weight loss, but you wake up the next day, weigh yourself, and find out that your 8 pounds heavier, well that’s a good sign that you should maybe test if it’s the protein cookies. So by weighing yourself daily you can not make sure that you’re staying on track, but you can change things and identify problems if you go off track.”

Click on the video below to see more of Pasternak’s 8 best morning habits to lose belly fat fast.

VIDEO – 8 Best Morning Habits to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Timestamp of the video

0:42 – coffee in morning

2:20 – skip breakfast

3:42 – weigh yourself daily

5:02 – track your meal/log on MyFitnessPal

5:53 – pack your lunch

6:58 – workout in morning

8:11 – start day with big glass of water

9:10 – wake up on time

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