8 Challenging CrossFit Workouts and Top Training Tips from Thuri Helgadottir


Toes To Bar ?

1.First position of the TTB is an active hollow hang:
To be able to do TTB you need to be strong enough. This is an easy drill to get aware of you pelvic position and how it effects your TTB. Try this drill in low bars or hanging; go into an arch and try to lift your legs up then into hollow and feel the difference!

2. If you can’t hold a L position you are missing some strength to be able to do TTB. You can for example start with hollow body hold on the ground.

3. End range strength is also an important component of the TTB range of motion.

4. When you have worked on your strength you can start practicing the kipping TTB ???


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Most important focus points for the muscle ups:
1. Tight arch in the swing, engaged lats.
2. Lead with the feet up, legs together & straight knees.
3. Open the hips while pulling down on the rings, chest moves above and close to the rings for a short and easy transition.
4. Legs go down and back as you transition to be ready for the dip as soon as you catch.

(5.) secret focus point number five is to be strong enough, you should be able to do at least 5 strict pull ups and dips before you start swinging like crazy on the rings and that will lower your risk to get injured ?


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