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8 Common Mistakes Smart Athletes Need to Avoid

Are you making any of these mistakes and slowing down your progress?

5. Not tracking your weights and recording your times

Keep track of your progress so you can celebrate new successes! Retracing your performances over time can help you to see what you already reached. A training log supports you to remember the improvements you made and is also time-saving! You won’t need to waste time by finding your 1 rep max again every time and you can make sure that you are moving on and not getting stuck at one weight or a number of reps.

Mat-FraserSource: CrossFit Inc

6. Not listening

There are two different sides you should always listen to: first your body and second your trainer.

Crossfit can become an addiction and of course you want to give your best every single workout. This is a great attitude but giving your body the rest it needs is your responsibility. Requiring too much of your body can lead to the exact opposite you want it to.

By not listening to your body you highten the risk for injuries and the risk of getting frustrated. Crossfit should be a fun activity in your free time, it’s not your full-time job. Your trainer is an expert in Crossfit and knows best about what’s good for your body. Listen to their advice and try to implement these ideas. Also you should recover from injuries completely before starting your training again, don’t overstrain your body. Recovery is just as important for your body as the training.

Ben SmithSource: Ben Smith

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