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8 Common Mistakes Smart Athletes Need to Avoid

Are you making any of these mistakes and slowing down your progress?

7. Paying more attention to reps than to your form

The number of reps is not always the most important thing you should pay attention to. Don’t let your form and technique suffer by trying to reach the maximum number of reps possible. Control your movements, do them deliberately: Don’t let your knees bend in while your squats, keep your back straight when picking up a bar… You will benefit much more from your training when you pay attention to your form even if that means to do less repetitions or have a slower time in a workout.


8. Thinking that everything is a competition

Competition is always an important part of sports. Comparing yourself to others challenges yourself but every body is different and develops individually. Do not get frustrated if others lift heavier or do more reps, training is for improving yourself without any pressure. Don’t make every workout an external competition, the person you need to compete against primarily is yourself. Remember why you started Crossfit and keep sight of your goals.

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