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8 Excellent Core Workouts You Can Do at Home

Forge a powerful midline wherever you are.

3 – Quick home core workout

AMRAP in 20 Minutes:

  • 4 Box Step-Ups (24/20 in)
  • 4 Seated Leg Lifts
  • 4 Shoulder Taps

Continue with this pattern, adding 4 reps to each movement after every round.

As well as a core workout, the seated leg lifts are a very efficient hip flexor strengthening exercise.

Shoulder taps start from a plank position, with the athlete aiming to keep most of his/her body still while lifting one hand up and tapping the opposite shoulder, then repeating the movement with the opposite hand and shoulder respectively.

In order to make shoulder taps as efficient as possible, make sure you engage your core throughout and don’t swing sideways while doing this movement.

Workout by WOD Roulette

4 – Kari Pearce PowerAbs Workout

4 Rounds for Quality:

  • 12 Single Leg Lifts Over Object

Kari Pearce, 2020 third Fittest Woman on Earth, is also known for her Power Abs. The American athlete recommends using a dumbbell for the single leg lifts, but says you can also use any other object: “The higher the object, the harder it will be and the more of a workout you’ll get.”

This will work your abs, hip flexors, and quads.


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