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8 Feelings All CrossFit Beginners Can Relate To

We all walked through the doors of a CrossFit Box for the first time once...

We’ve all been there, everyone has once been the beginner walking through the Box’s doors for the first time. Unfamiliar with the training and technique, maybe unsure of what was waiting for us, but convinced we wanted to give it a go.

Maybe your sporting background helped you out here and there, or maybe CrossFit is the first time you’re doing sport in your life. Either way, we think every CrossFit beginner can relate to these feelings.

1. Being sore in places you didn’t even know where part of you

It’s amazing how sore a 15-minute workout can leave you feeling when you first start training CrossFit.

From struggling to get out of bed because your core aches so bad, to trying to delicately sit on the toilet without your legs cooperating, the beginners’ sores are a feeling communally shared. Getting dressed the day after your workout might be even more painful than the workout itself, a feeling intensified if you have to get out of a sports bra.

2. Feeling overwhelmed by the acronyms, lingo and new vocabulary

What exactly was the difference between a strict press, a push press, a push jerk? And what about a power snatch and a muscle snatch? And you’re meant to remember what a hang snatch is on top of that (and learn how to perform one)? And what exactly did the coach say HSPU means? EMOMs, AMRAPs, Chippers

Those things didn’t use to mean anything to you.

Once you get over the confusing names and exercises, you face the challenge of remembering which round you’re on during a 20-minute AMRAP after you’ve counted your 3 burpees, 5 box jumps and 10 ring rows, but that’s a problem for a different time.

3. Seeing the whiteboard and realising you can’t do any of the exercises programmed

Once you understand the whiteboard you realise that you can’t do any of the exercises anyway – at least not yet!

Yes, it might be a little demoralising at first, but it also provides a great target to aim towards and ultimately, there’s always something you can improve on. And the day you see something you can do you celebrate like mad – this is your day.

Whether you can RX a workout (another new phrase!) or not, chipping away at the single unders, elevated push ups, ring rows and banded pull ups will help you gain the strength and technique required to progress and improve in the near future.

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4. Realising you are capable of far more than you thought

Who didn’t feel incredibly bad*** when they loaded a barbell with the big plates? That feeling was great.

When before you thought you wouldn’t survive the workout or there wasn’t a chance in hell you’d complete the prescribed number of rounds, through CrossFit you’ve realised that you’re capable of far more than you thought you were.

5. Knowing you’ll never regret a training session

Practicing your skills, working on your strength, abandoning your soul to the workout, some say it’s as good as runner’s high. It might be hard to convince yourself to go to the Box from time to time, you might succumb to excuses or think you can’t fit it in, but ultimately you’re always glad you showed up.

You never regret a training session. Until the next day’s sores, that is.

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6. Finding new respect for muscle ups, handstand walking and any high-skill movement, really

The videos you’ve seen of people effortlessly monkeying around? No, now you realise it’s not easy.

The mind boggles when you see athletes perform 30 unbroken muscle ups or do mad circuits.

7. Feeling proud of your growing calluses

Some (our mums included) might think calluses are not a welcome addition to our hands, but calluses are the physical representation of the hard work you’ve put in so far – and they’re easier to grow than muscles.

8. Discovering your competitive side

Of course we all focus on technique and trying to nail the timing of our cleans, ensuring a push press is not a push jerk, or figuring out double unders. Yet when the WOD starts, it’s hard not to get a little bit competitive.

Even if you don’t care where you finish at the end of the day, it’s nice to see when you can keep up with other people in the class. Besides, other people going all out definitely will make you want to go faster too, and you can’t deny that’s your competitive side coming out.

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