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8 For Time Workouts To Crank Up Your Endurance (With Scaled Options)

Add these to your training to pump up your stamina.

6. “Randy”

For time

  • 75 power snatches (34/25 kg)

Score: time it takes to complete the last power snatch.

Good Scores for “Randy”

– Beginner: 9-15 minutes

– Intermediate: 6-8 minutes

– Advanced: 4-6 minutes

– Elite: <4 minutes

Tips and Strategies

“Randy” workout is designed to feel easy in the beginning, but uncomfortable towards the end.

You should use your legs while keeping the arms straight to give the upper body enough strength to power through the last 25 reps.

You can break up your reps in any way you find fit. Descending/cascading order or an established number of reps per set.

Scaling for “Randy”

Scale the load so that it feels light. You should be able to complete 5 unbroken reps in a quick manner for every set. The workout should not take longer than 15 minutes.


For time

  • 50 power snatches (30/20 kg)

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