8 Tips To Prepare For a CrossFit Competition

In this article I will offer my personal best-practices list with useful and easy tips, which will make your CrossFit competition experience more successful. In my opinion “successful” is not defined by the score on the final leaderboard.

Successful is defined as the following: Is the athlete able to execute?

This means: is the CrossFit athlete able to show his or her 100%, what they trained for, by executing their skills at the crucial moment, when everyone is watching and the pressure is on.

Over the years I’ve seen multiple athletes who were great in training, had all the skills needed, trained for months but ended up “crashing” because of a little mistake they made the day before or during a competition.

Do not be that athlete. Execute.

1. Earn your spot at the final event by being physically prepared

Do not just train for a CrossFit competition. Make a prep plan with your coach or by yourself. Take at least 12 weeks straight, clever consistent training with working on weaknesses, strength building and engine work. There is no easy way to perform to the best of your abilities. Take the long way.

Tia-Clair-Toomey crossfit competition

2. Earn your spot at the final event by being mentally prepared

If you did everything or nearly everything correct in preparing for the event physically, also do your mental homework by focusing on all the work you put in, all the hours in the box and the commitment you displayed during training. Be confident and show it. You are able to do it.

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