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8 Reasons Why Crossfit is Great Therapy

4 It’s FUN!

Crossfit is fun, and fun things make you feel good. Short, sweet and true.

5 Vent your Anger in a Positive Way

Crossfit occupies a mental space that is difficult to find in many other parts of life or sports. During 150 wall balls, or a brutal series of heavy squats, you need to find strength from somewhere else deep inside of you. That is the place where you exercise your demons and it makes you powerful when you can tap into that and use it as energy for you Workouts.

Turn negative feelings into positive actions
Turn negative feelings into positive actions (Nero: RX’d Photography)

Getting over an ex? Trying to fix difficult problems? Then use those negative feelings to work harder, lift heavier and destroy the Wods that stand before you, there is almost no better fuel.

This has the added bonus of revealing that you are a person that carries on. You are someone that endures when things are tough and keeps going until you have finished, not someone who stops and quits when they feel tired and it feels hard. It reveals that you have a strong mental character, and can structure, work towards and achieve your goals. This is a pretty decent personal lesson to apply to the rest of your life as well.

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