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8 Underused Exercises CrossFit Athletes Need to Include More in Their Training

Snatches, burpees, wall balls, toes to bar, DU etc are all common in Crossfit workouts all around the world. But what less well known exercises should you be including in order to get stronger and counter imbalances?

With Crossfit now being a mainstream sport, the training demands are higher than ever.

Even if you’re just someone who does Crossfit to look good naked, it can still take a toll on your body after a while.

Performing high skill movements like snatches, toes to bar, and kipping pull ups on a regular basis can be quite taxing if you don’t have solid base of strength to begin with. 

Although these movements are what make Crossfit unique and provide great material for your Instagram account, you cannot neglect the less glamorous exercises that build strength, prevent injury, and improve your overall fitness in the long run.

Here are 8 exerises CrossFit athletes need to do more:

1. Bulgarian Split Squats

With the exception of maybe the pistol squat, there aren’t many single leg movements performed in Crossfit.  In order to address lower body weaknesses and prevent muscle imbalances, exercises like the Bulgarian split squat are a must. Use the split squat as an alternative to heavy squats or as accessory work for the quads and glutes.

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