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8 Versatile Shoulder Workouts to do At Home

You will feel your shoulders burning after finishing any of these CrossFit workouts.

These CrossFit shoulder workouts to do at home will help you achieve stronger upper body strength, while also improving shoulder stability and mobility.

Shoulders are an important, but sometimes neglected, muscle that every athlete should strive to strengthen on a daily basis. Some of the benefits of having strong shoulders are:

  • Better arm movements: you can do every arm movement without worry, such as throwing a baseball or carrying a heavy suitcase.
  • Less injury-prone: virtually every upper-body exercise involves your shoulder muscles to some extent.
  • Stronger back and chest: improving your shoulder muscles will allow you to lift heavier weights for the chest and back.
  • Self-confidence: strong shoulders are synonym with a healthy body, which increases your confidence and boosts your mood.

Often we see CrossFit workouts focused on upper body strength, but the shoulders rarely play the main role in the WOD. These 8 shoulder workouts to do at home that BOXROX selected for you will shift the focus back to your shoulders.

1. Open 21.1

For time

  • 1-3-6-9-15-21 wall walks
  • 10-30-60-90-150-210 double-unders

Time cap: 15 minutes

Score is the total time it takes to complete the workout or the total number of repetitions completed before the 15-minute time cap.

And we start with the youngest workout at the moment, CrossFit Open 21.1 workout. The wall walk was introduced in CrossFit Open history for the first time and every athlete agreed the movements would explore the shoulder’s strength.


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Depending on your double-under technique, it can put even more tension on your shoulders, making this WOD one of the simplest and yet demanding shoulder workouts to do at home.

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