9 CrossFit Abs Workouts to Destroy Weaknesses in Your Core Strength

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The final and most disregarded plane is the transverse plane, which divides the body into top and bottom halves. We move along this plane when we twist and turn our bodies, like when we look around before crossing the street. Transverse movements are predominant in sports such as tennis, golf, rugby and gymnastics, the movements of crossfit almost exclusively happen along the sagittal plane. Whether your goal is general fitness, functional strength, or athletic achievement, you should train along all planes.

Ignoring the transverse plane means muscles like the abdominis obliquus are neglected. These muscles are part of the core and provide stability, which in turn allows you to generate greater power and forceful movement. Strong oblique muscles also decrease the chance of injury, as they stop the trunk from over rotating.

Here’s a little wod for you to try with movements that will attack the Transverse Plane:

For Time:

  • 2 KB Turkish get ups (alternating)
  • 30 KB twist lunges (alternating)
  • 30 KB Russian twists
  • 4 KB Turkish get ups (alternating)
  • 30 KB twist lunges (alternating)
  • 30 KB Russian twists
  • 6 KB Turkish get ups (alternating)
  • 30 KB twist lunges (alternating)
  • 30 KB Russian twists

You can use one KB or DB to work through this entire wod. 

Other exercises you can include to develop strength along the transverse plane are:

  • Woodchopper
  • Landmine oblique twists
  • One arm dumbbell press
  • Windshield wipers

Lower Abs Workouts

lauren fisher noah ohlsen crossfitt six pack abs

These Lower Abs Workouts are designed to help you become a heathier, stronger and more confident athlete. As always in Crossfit, function comes first, and the core is an incredibly important part of all functional movement, so that is why it must not be neglected. Abs are often mistakenly seen as a sign of a strong core, but it is possible to have well defined rectus abdominis (the outer muscles that form a 6 pack) and still have a weak core.


On the minute for 10 minutes

  • 20 Second L-Sit Hold (rings or parallettes)
  • 20 Second Hollow Rock
  • 20 Seconds of Sit-Ups


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