9 Tips to Help Your Chest Grow More Muscle

Blow up your upper body with these tips.

Check out these 9 tips to help your chest grow more muscle than normally.

The goal for a well-developed chest takes centre stage for most people. These 9 invaluable tips, not devised by BOXROX but curated by Max Posternak, the founder of Gravity Transformation, will definitely help you achieve that faster.

Boasting a colossal following of over 5.5 million YouTube subscribers, Max is renowned for his weight loss advice. However, this time, he delves into the realm of chest development, sharing insights that go beyond the superficial.

The significance of cultivating size and strength in the chest extends beyond aesthetic appeal. It significantly enhances physical prowess in daily activities such as opening doors, getting up from the floor, and effortlessly lifting heavy objects. The chest, a prominent aspect of one’s physique, plays a pivotal role in commanding attention and exerting influence over upper body strength, thanks to its substantial muscle mass.

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Despite its importance, many individuals, particularly men, grapple with challenges in developing chest muscles, especially in the upper chest region. Now, let’s embark on an exploration of nine transformative tips designed to propel your chest into unprecedented growth.

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9 Tips to Help Your Chest Grow More Muscle

Begin your journey by adopting a bodybuilding-style bench press technique, diverting from the current powerlifting trend. Distinguishing between these two methodologies is vital, with the primary disparity lying in the range of motion. Powerlifting bench press prioritizes minimizing the range of motion to ease the lifting of maximal weights. This can be achieved through a wider grip or a pronounced lower back arch, drawing the body closer to the bar. Conversely, the bodybuilding bench press advocates for maintaining a less pronounced arch, allowing for a broader range of motion.

This approach proves advantageous for muscle growth due to three key factors. Firstly, a full range of motion triggers heightened muscle activation. Secondly, various segments of a movement engage different aspects of a muscle, and a complete range of motion ensures comprehensive muscle engagement. Lastly, muscle stretching under load, achievable through a full range of motion, effectively promotes muscle overload. In the pursuit of optimal muscle growth, the bodybuilding bench pressing style triumphs over powerlifting.

Another effective technique involves directing your hands inward during barbell bench presses and dumbbell hex pressing movements. This subtle adjustment enhances chest activation by stimulating horizontal adduction, intensifying tension on the chest muscles. Picture attempting to bring your hands together while bench pressing, despite the barbell remaining fixed and unyielding. This technique amplifies chest activation by stimulating the shoulder’s horizontal adduction function. Although the hands remain stationary, the deliberate hand-squeezing action intensifies tension on the chest muscles.

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For those with a consistent training background, consider elevating the frequency of your chest workouts. Research suggests that training a muscle group twice a week leads to superior muscle growth compared to once a week. As weight increments become challenging, increasing training frequency becomes essential for continuous progress and enhanced gains.

Prioritise a full range of motion during barbell bench presses to engage more muscle fibres, increase time under tension, enhance eccentric loading, activate more motor units, encourage stretching under load for protein synthesis, and elevate functional strength and joint stability. Emphasize proper form to prevent injury and seek professional guidance for optimal results.

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Smartly enhance chest muscle growth through periodization—alternating between different weights and rep ranges. This strategy engages a wider range of muscle fibres, promoting well-rounded muscle development, preventing adaptation, and ensuring continuous progress. It also minimizes the risk of injury, keeps workouts engaging, and contributes to long-term adherence.

Integrate cable exercises for presses and flyes, progressively increase weight, and avoid overdoing movements with an inclined starting position. Maximize the effectiveness of your chest workouts by incorporating these nuanced techniques.

In essence, these nine tips from Max Posternak provide a comprehensive guide to not only cultivating a visually appealing chest but also unlocking its full functional potential.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the nuances of each tip, unravelling the science behind the strategies Max Posternak recommends for unprecedented chest growth.

  1. Bodybuilding-Style Bench Press Technique:
    • Range of Motion: Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding
    • Advantages of Full Range of Motion:
      • Heightened Muscle Activation
      • Comprehensive Muscle Engagement
      • Effective Muscle Overload
  2. Hands Inward Technique:
    • Horizontal Adduction Stimulation:
      • Intensifying Tension on Chest Muscles
      • Deliberate Hand-Squeezing Action
  3. Elevating Chest Workout Frequency:
    • Research-Based Approach:
      • Superior Muscle Growth with Increased Frequency
    • Continuous Progress Beyond Beginner Stage
  4. Importance of Full Range of Motion:
    • Multifaceted Benefits:
      • Engagement of More Muscle Fibers
      • Increased Time Under Tension for Hypertrophy
      • Enhanced Eccentric Loading and Damage
      • Activation of More Motor Units
      • Stretching Under Load for Protein Synthesis
      • Elevation of Functional Strength and Joint Stability
  5. Periodization:
    • Alternating Weights and Rep Ranges:
      • Engaging a Wider Range of Muscle Fibers
      • Targeting Both Fast-Twitch and Slow-Twitch Fibers
      • Well-Rounded Muscle Development
      • Prevention of Muscle Adaptation
      • Continuous Progress and Aversion of Plateaus
  6. Cable Exercises and Weight Progression:
    • Strategic Utilization of Cable for Presses and Flyes
    • Progressive Weight Increase
    • Avoidance of Overdoing Movements with an Inclined Starting Position

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By exploring the intricate details of each tip, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the science-backed strategies Max Posternak advocates for achieving unprecedented chest growth. These tips not only focus on the visual aspects of chest development but also prioritize functional strength and long-term progress. Now, armed with this knowledge, you can embark on a purposeful chest training journey, tailored to your specific fitness level and objectives.

In a nutshell, these are Posternak’s 9 tips that will help your chest grow:

  1. Bench like a bodybuilder
  2. Press hands together when you bench
  3. Increase chest workout frequency
  4. Go lower on presses
  5. Alternate weights and reps
  6. Don’t go overboard with inclines
  7. Use Cable Presses
  8. Upgrade your flyes
  9. Increase weight

To fully understand these tips, watch Posternak’s video below.

In conclusion, Max Posternak’s expertise transcends weight loss advice, extending into the realm of targeted muscle development. These nine tips serve as a roadmap for cultivating a chest that not only captivates visually but also empowers you in your daily activities. The fusion of scientific principles, strategic planning, and nuanced techniques forms the foundation of a well-rounded approach to chest training. As you incorporate these tips into your workout regimen, remember that the journey towards an impressive chest is not just about lifting weights—it’s a thoughtful and intentional process that yields both aesthetic and functional rewards.

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