9 Workouts for Beginners, Non-RX Athletes or Anyone that Wants to Experience CrossFit

No matter what you did before, a CrossFit Workout will be something new. For you, your body and your mind. The intense mix of different, often technical and highly demanding exercises will push you past new limits and exhaust your body and mind. Soon you will have found out what you are able to do. But even more importantly: what you cannot.

Over time you will get better, learn new skills, have fun and change yourself for the better – both physically and mentally. 

These workouts are suitable for ALL athletes. They are categorised as beginner WODs because of their accessibility, however that doesn’t mean they aren’t for more advanced athletes as well. As we all know, the simplest CrossFit workouts can often be the most deadly! 


Mobility. Work on it. Every day. This is the physical foundation for everything that follows. You will not be able to go heavy, neither do things pain free if you are not able to to move through the full range of motion. Try Yoga classes, if your box does some, or use the mobility tips from your coach, he or she will know what you should do best. 


  • A lack of Mobility is probably the primary determinant of injury susceptibility.
  • Does something hurt when you do any barbell movement? Mobilize it!
  • Unless you can front squat, jerk, and snatch without pain, you have something you need to work on every day because you have become immobilized by your daily habits.
  • Also, fix your posture. Posture and mobility issues are directly related.


These are the low-skill movements that you cannot live a normal life without. In this category are:

  • Locomotion, or getting from one place to another (running, rowing, jumping, swimming, biking)
  • Basic bodyweight movements that everyone should be able to control (pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, dips)
  • Basic lifts (deadlift, front & back squat, strict press, bench press, Russian kettlebell swing)

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