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  • Take Julien Pineau on at his 200m Ab-Row Challenge

    Every tried to row with your abs?
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  • Hard Work Pays Off – 7 Top Training Tips from Mat Fraser

    Time to take advice from the fittest man in the world.
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  • Try This Gymnastic Warm Up From James Newbury

    The quality of your warm up will help to determine ...
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  • Fraser and Froning Team Up to Challenge the World to a Partner WOD

    Rich Froning and Mat Fraser have joined forces, ...
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  • Unique Drill to Help You RX Your Handstand Walk

    Try this exercise to improve your handstand walk ...
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  • Learn How To Perform The Deficit Snatch With Proper Technique

    Check out this video and include snatch on the ...
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  • Pat Vellner Interview: Strengths, Weaknesses and Mindset With The 3rd Fittest Man on Earth
  • Interview with Tia-Clair Toomey: A Year in The Life of The CrossFit Games Champion

    From the Olympics in 2016 to winning The CrossFit ...
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  • Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Spence: Interview with Military Background CrossFit Athlete
  • Talking Training and CrossFit With Games Athlete Adrian Mundwiler

    25 y.o. Adrian is from Switzerland with 15 years ...
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  • Interview with Sara Sigmundsdottir – “Why I Want to Win The CrossFit Games”
  • CrossFit Interview: Getting Inside the Mind of Dan Bailey

    Dan Bailey talks in depth about his CrossFit ...
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  • The CrossFit Community Responds to Viral Video: “The Problem With CrossFit”

    We are more than just “kipping pull ups” and “bad form” with “no progression”. 
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  • Mat Fraser and Rich Froning’s Partner WOD Challenge Score is Beaten!

    The dream team combo of Rich and Mat has been convincingly beaten!
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  • Get Ready for Black WKND on BOXROX This Friday!

    The best deals and biggest savings on all your favourite brands in the scene, ...
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  • World Strongest Man Eddie Hall’s Brother Breaks 1000m Ski Erg WR!

    "It may well get beaten as a few times are still to come in but now I can say ...
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  • Snatch Technique Session With CrossFit Games Champ Mat Fraser

    This is how the CrossFit Games champion improves his lifting skills.
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  • Watch Adam Klink Squatting 224 kg Squat in Jordans!

    The head coach at Ben Smith's Box CrossFit Krypton squats like a beast!
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  • Why Eating Enough is More Important than Eating Clean

    It can be close to impossible to eat clean 100% of ...
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  • Nutritional Excellence: 5 Types of Fitness Food to Fuel Performance

    Refine your nutrition, make a commitment to ...
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  • Post Workout Recovery Shake: What Your Body Needs?

    Why it’s useful to mix protein with carbohydrates ...
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Girls that lift

  • A Better Beautiful – How Crossfit Helped me Redefine My Relationship with My Body

    I’m not talking about a fabulous incredible bikini ...
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  • 10 Motivational CrossFit Women to Follow on Instagram

    10 amazing athletes to help inspire you every day.
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  • CROSSFIT TRANSFORMATIONS – Alexis Johnson Explains How She Overcame Her Demons and Completely Transformed Her Body

Motivation for women

  • How to Find the Perfect Sports Bra for Training

    The perfect sports bra will support you through tough workouts, feel ...
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  • Boobs and Barbells – How to Find the Perfect Sports Bra for Training

    The perfect sports bra will support you through tough workouts, feel ...
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  • How CrossFit is Helping to Narrow the Gender Equality Gap in Sport

    CrossFit offers a pioneering approach towards gender equality and fitness that ...
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  • 5 Problems Only Women Who Lift Will Understand